Howitzer Stats
Stat Value
Attack Ranged
Mobility 4
BasicAttack 2
Durability 3
AbilityAttack 8
Howitzer Overview
Attribute Value
MaxEnergy 390
BasicPenetrationRating 0
BaseAttackTime 0.95
AbilityPenetrationRating 0
HealthRegenRate 1.01
MaxMoveSpeed 655
AbilityResistanceRating 30
MaxHealth 606
BasicResistanceRating 14.3
CleaveRating 0.1
AttackSpeedRating 100
EnergyRegenRate 1.7
Howitzer Abilities
Key Name Description
LMB Cannon Ranged attack dealing {damage} {attr:physdmg} and 10% splash damage to nearby enemies.
RMB Slow Grenades Howitzer fires 3 proximity bombs in an arc that explode for {damage} {attr:endmg} and applies a {movespeedslow}% {attr:spd} {status:slow} for {slowduration} seconds.
Q R2000 Missile Howitzer fires a long range rocket that deals {damage} {attr:endmg} in an area.
E Land Mine Places a mine that will explode after {duration} seconds, knocking any enemies (and Howitzer) back and dealing {damage} {attr:endmg}. Ability can be reactivated to detonate early.
R Make it Rain Howitzer rockets into the air and fires down a volley of missiles in the targeted area, causing {damage} {attr:endmg} over {damageduration} seconds. The last missile does {splitdamage}% of the total damage. Howitzer can trigger a short directional boost before coming back down by holding the movement input in the direction he'd like to boost.