Gadget Stats
Stat Value
Attack Ranged
Mobility 3
BasicAttack 2
Durability 2
AbilityAttack 8
Gadget Overview
Attribute Value
MaxEnergy 394
BasicPenetrationRating 0
BaseAttackTime 0.95
AbilityPenetrationRating 0
HealthRegenRate 0.96
MaxMoveSpeed 645
AbilityResistanceRating 30
MaxHealth 578
BasicResistanceRating 13.6
CleaveRating 0
AttackSpeedRating 100
EnergyRegenRate 1.71
Gadget Abilities
Key Name Description
LMB Plasma Blast Ranged basic attack dealing {damage} {attr:physdmg}.
RMB Seek & Destroy Gadget deploys an airborne bot projectile that can be reactivated to stop in place and begin dealing {damage} {attr:endmg} over {duration} seconds to enemies in range, while applying a {movespeedslow}% {attr:spd} {status:slow}.
Q Sticky Mine Gadget launches a mine projectile that will attach to any unit within the area (enemies are prioritized). After {duration} seconds, the mine explodes, dealing {damage} {attr:endmg}.
E Speed Gate Gadget deploys a gate that gives allies a {movespeedboost}% {attr:spd} boost that decays over {duration} seconds.
R Tesla Dome Gadget's Tesla Dome applies five ticks of damage over {duration} seconds to all enemies in the area totaling {damage} {attr:endmg} and applies a {movespeed}% {attr:spd} {status:slow} for {maxhealth} seconds per tick. After each tick, the damage is increased by 75%.